Time Trials P.B Times

Here you will find the Personal Best Times for Members of Middleton Cycling Club who have competed in 10 mile, 25 mile, 50 mile, 100 mile and 12 Hour Time Trials. The times and dates shown are from individuals who were members of the club in 2010.


10 Mile Time Trials

Cliff Rowe22:35
William Sutcliffe22:54
Jack Ramsden23:311980
Geoff Miller23:571959
Alan Brooks24:361981
John Wellavize25:02
Peter Robinson25:532009
Joseph Hitchen26:13
Bernard Lynham26:45
Alan Vickers27:152008
Janet Crossley29:252009
Steve Crossley30:302008


25 Mile Time Trials

William Sutcliffe56:471980
Cliff Rowe57:32
John Keith58:061984
Jack Ramsden59:071969
Geoff Miller59:471959
Alan Brooks1:00:141970
John Wellavize1:00:59
Joseph Hitchen1:06:28
John Pessagno1:11:291989
Bernard Lynham1:18:25
Janet Crossley1:24:302007
Steve Crossley1:29:382008


50 Mile Time Trials

William Sutcliffe1:51:571983
John Keith1:56:411980
Cliff Rowe1:59:45
Jack Ramsden2:00:021978
Alan Brooks2:02:431976
Geoff Miller2:06:151959
John Wellavize2:11:xx
Joseph Hitchen2:22:40


100 Mile Time Trials

William Suttcliffe4:09:161978
Cliff Rowe4:17:21
John Keith4:18:021960
Alan Brooks4:20:201976
Jack Ramsden4:25:031973
Geoff Miller4:37:571958


12 Hour Time Trials

William Sutcliffe250.471993
Cliff Rowe243.75
Alan Brooks2181951