Hill Climb Championship 2018 Results:

Hill Climb Championship - 2018

1Dave Charlesworth9:47Joint Fastest Male
1Tom Wright9:47Joint Fastest Male
PB Time
2Tony Wardleworth10:15PB Time
3Wayne Hair11:22
4Steve Foley12:29
5Dave Walsh13:35PB Time
6Jeanette Prophet14:19Fastest Female
PB Time
7Caroline Mostenski14:57
8Sylvia Parsons16:33PB Time


The Personal Best Results for the Club Hill Climb and Track Championship are shown below, these include Club Members Personnel Best Times up to and including the 2018 season.


Hill Climb Championship Personal Best Times

1Tristan Pilling6:542017
2Simon Brierley7:442010
3Paul Jibson7:512011
4Bill Sutcliffe7:592003
5Dave Charlesworth8:222017
6Paul Rowan8:312014
7Steve Penny8:532001
8Rob Martini9:262015
9Mark Bardsley9:272015
10Chris Horton9:392014
11Mark Ashley9:442001
12Tom Wright9:472018
13John Pessagno9:532011
14Brendan Fairbrother9:542011
15Rod Lester10:032014
16Peter Robinson10:042009
17Wayne Hair10:072017
18Mike Smith10:132001
19Tony Wardleworth10:152018
20Hayden Hill10:262012
21Alan Vickers10:392003
22Cliff Rowe10:402001
23Nico Martini10:472014
24John Hart10:532003
25Tony Martin11:002005
26Bill Penny11:232001
27Steve Foley11:302017
28Colin McWhirter11:572017
29Janet Crossley12:072007
30Steve Crossley12:382007
31Caroline Mostenski12:452017
32Win Rowe13:252011
33Dave Walsh13:352018
34Jeanette Prophet14:192018
35Paul O'Neill14:232012
36Stan Allcock15:122002
37Sylvia Parsons16:332018


Track Championship Personal Best Times (200 Meter Sprint)

1stJohn Pessagno13.102014
2ndTristan Pilling13.192017
3rdJason Scales13.352013
4thTony Martin13.362005
5thSimon Brierley13.562010
6thHayden Hill13.912014
Paul Jibson14.032010
8thAlison Mitchelemore14.452008
9thSteve Penny14.502001
10thAdrian Wilson14.532013
11thKeith Evans14.602001
12thMark Bardsley14.632016
13thBrendan Fairbrother14.882012
14thChris Horton14.952017
15thPeter Butterfield15.102008
16thCliff Rowe15.172002
17thPaul O'Neill15.182003
18thAlan Vickers15.552008
19thPeter Robinson15.562009
20thAdrian Stewart15.662002
21stMike Smith15.842004
22ndRob Martini15.902016
23rdSteve Crossley15.962010
24thJanet Crossley16.002007
25thSteve Foley16.002008
26thAnna -Victoria O'Neill16.252010
27thArthur Dumville16.532008
28thAmy Baron-Hall16.602008
29thPaul Rowan16.602014
30thDave Charlesworth17.012016

Track Championship Personal Best Times (1KM Time Trial)

1stTristan Pilling1:17.402017
2ndJason Scales1:21.392013
3rdJohn Pessagno1:23.162015
4thSimon Brierley1:23.252010
5thPaul Jibson1:24.632010
6thAdrian Wilson1:27.072013
7thHayden Hill1:27.162014
8thTony Martin1:27.172006
9thBrendan Fairtbrother1:29.012012
10thKeith Evans1:29.402001
11thAlison Mitchelemore1:29.802008
12thPeter Robinson1:30.502009
13thArthur Dumville1:30.522008
14thPeter Butterfield1:30.802008
15thPaul O'Neill1:32.192005
16thMark Bardsley1:32.722016
17thRob Martini1:32.792016
18thSteve Penny1:33.402001
19thAlan Vickers1:33.462008
20thChris Horton1:34.032016
21stSteve Foley1:34.552008
22ndAdrian Stewart1:34.702001
23rdPaul Rowan1:34.752013
24thMike Smith1:34.852005
25thCliff Rowe1:34.922005
26thDave Charlesworth1:36.922016
27thJanet Crossley1:37.462008
28thAnna-Victoria O'Neill1:37.782014
29thSteve Crossley1:38.652009
30thAmy Baron-Hall1:39.602008

Track Championship Personal Best Times (2KM Pursuit)

1stJohn Pessagno2:30.702015
2ndTristan Pilling2:39.122017
3rdJason Scales2:41.212013
4thSimon Brierley2:45.572010
5thPaul Jibson2:48.622012
6thHayden Hill2:59.782014
7thKeith Evans3:01.402001
8thSteve Penny3:03.802001
9thPeter Robinson3:04.442009
10thAlison Mitchelmore3:05.202008
11thBrendan Fairbrother3:07.472013
12thTony Martin3:08.542007
13thPaul Rowan3:11.312013
14thPeter Butterfield3:12.022007
15thArthur Dumville3:12.202008
16thCliff Rowe3:15.032009
16thAdrian Wilson3:15.032013
17thPaul O'Neill3:15.202007
18thAlan Vickers3:15.802008
19thAdrian Stewart3:18.402001
20thSteve Foley3:20.002008
21stSteve Crossley3:20.052009
22ndAnna-Victoria O'Neill3:22.032010
23rdAmy Baron-Hall3:24.902008
24thRob Martini3:27.002014


Results of the 2017 Events are shown here:



Tristan Pilling6:54
2ndDave Charlesworth8:22
3rdBrendan Fairbrother10:07
3rdWayne Hair10:07
4thRod Lester10:40
5thSteve Foley11:30
6thColin McWhirter11:57
7thCaroline Mostenski12:45

Track Championship 2017 - 200m Sprint

1stTristan Pilling13.19
2ndJohn Pessagno13.82
3rdBrendan Fairbrother15.17
4thPaul O'Neill18.25

Track Championship 2017 - 1km Time Trial

1stTristan Pilling1:17.40
2ndJohn Pessagno1:25.45
3rdBrendan Fairbrother1:30.29
4thPaul O'Neill1:44.21

Track Championship 2017 - 2km Pursuit

1stTristan Pilling2:39.12
2ndJohn Pessagno3:04.51
3rdBrendan Fairbrother3:11.58
4thPaul O'NeillD.N.S



Time Trial Personal Best Results are shown Here (last updated 2014):


10 Mile Time Trials

Tristan Pilling20:202017
Cliff Rowe22:35
William Sutcliffe22:54
Jack Ramsden23:311980
Geoff Miller23:571959
Alan Brooks24:361981
John Wellavize25:02
Peter Robinson25:532009
Joseph Hitchen26:13
Bernard Lynham26:45
Alan Vickers27:152008
Janet Crossley29:252009
Steve Crossley30:302008

25 Mile Time Trials

Tristan Pilling54:062017
William Sutcliffe56:471980
Cliff Rowe57:32
John Keith58:061984
Jack Ramsden59:071969
Geoff Miller59:471959
Alan Brooks1:00:141970
John Wellavize1:00:59
Joseph Hitchen1:06:28
John Pessagno1:11:291989
Bernard Lynham1:18:25
Janet Crossley1:24:302007
Steve Crossley1:29:382008

50 Mile Time Trials

William Sutcliffe1:51:571983
John Keith1:56:411980
Cliff Rowe1:59:45
Jack Ramsden2:00:021978
Alan Brooks2:02:431976
Geoff Miller2:06:151959
John Wellavize2:11:xx
Joseph Hitchen2:22:40

100 Mile Time Trials

William Suttcliffe4:09:161978
Cliff Rowe4:17:21
John Keith4:18:021960
Alan Brooks4:20:201976
Jack Ramsden4:25:031973
Geoff Miller4:37:571958

12 Hour Time Trials

William Sutcliffe250.471993
Cliff Rowe243.75
Alan Brooks2181951



Trike Time Trials - (John Arnold)

25 mile1:06:151953
50 mile2:13:001953
100 mile4:36:381953

Trike Time Trials 12Hr + 24Hr (John Arnold)