News Archive (2016)


The results of the Jean Keith Event which took place in December 2016 is:

PositionNameEstimated Time
(Min - Sec)
Completion Time
(Min - Sec)
Time Difference
1stDavid Walsh20.3021.1040 seconds
2ndRob Martini20.4521.3550 seconds
3rdAnna-Victoria O'Neill22.1520.581 min 17 seconds
4thDave Charlesworth23.0021.251 min 35 seconds





The results of the Track championship after 2 sessions are:

200m Sprint

1stJohn Pessagno13.25
2ndTristan Pilling14.10
3rdMark Bardsley14.63
4thChris Horton14.95
5thRob Martini15.90
6thDave Charlesworth17.01
7thPaul O'Neill17.13
8thAdrian Wilson17.60
9thAnna-Victoria O'Neill18.37

1km Time Trial

1stTristan Pilling1:21.25
2ndJohn Pessagno1:27.25
3rdMark Bardsley1:32.72
4thRob Martini1:32.79
5thChris Horton1:34.03
6thDave Charlesworth1:36.92
7thAdrian Wilson1:39.66
8thPaul O'Neill1:43.98
9thAnna-Victoria O'Neill1:45.00

2km Pursuit
1stTristan Pilling2:45.56
2ndJohn Pessagno3:02.08
3rdAnna-Victoria O'Neill3:26.80





The 2016 Club Hill Climb took place on Sunday October 9th the results were:

1stTristan Pilling (Jnr)7:58
2ndDave Charlesworth (Snr)9:39
3rdRod Lester (Snr)11:49




New Club 10 Mile Time Trial Record

Junior member Tristan Pilling has set a new Club Record for the fastest 10-mile Time Trial, he recorded a time of 21 minutes 24 seconds.


Bolton Iron Man Logo

Club Member Simon Connolly is competing in the Bolton Iron Man event which take place on Sunday July 17th Bolton Iron Man 2016

TRACK SESSION – June 16th 2016

Logo - Pennine Timber Frame

On Thursday June 16th Middleton Cycling Club hosted their first Track Training Session at the Manchester Velodrome this event was sponsored by the  Pennine Timber Frame Company

the event was attended by 11 riders including two Juniors and two new members. The event was enjoyed by all who attended and another is being planned for later in the Summer.

During the training session the coach included a 250m Sprint the results of which are below:

1stStuart Chadwick18.99Senior (Male)
2ndSimon Connolly19.32Senior (Male)
3rdTristan Pilling19.39Junior
4thJohn Pessagno19.47Senior (Male)
5thAdrian Wilson21.11Senior (Male)
6thTom Wright21.52Senior (Male)
7thAnna-Victoria O'Neill22.30Senior (Female)
8thBen Chadwick22.53Junior
9thDave Charlesworth22.73Senior (Male)
10thPaul O'Neill23.40Senior (Male)
11thSteve Foley24.24Senior (Male)



Tristan Pilling is improving his Time Trial times and is challenging Seniors and VETs in 10 Mile Time Trials.

In the East Lancs Road Club Open 10 Mile Time Trial which took place on April 30th Tristan completed the course in an impressive 24:49, he claimed the Fastest Juvenile Time of the day. He is currently placed 59th in the M&DTTA points competition after completing 3 events so far this year and aims to improve as the year progresses. Tristan is also targeting completing a minimum of 2x 25 Mile Time Trials.

Regarding his efforts in the ACT Track competition Tristan has won 2 events, and attained 2nd and 6th place.

Well done Tristan!


The Award and Prize Presentation took place on Sunday February 28th at the Norton Grange in Rochdale. 80 people attended the event to celebrate the start of our 75th year, guest of Honour John & Carol Pardoe gave a very entertaining speech. It was good to see former founder member Alan Falkner join our President and founder member Jack Ramsden at the event. Nine awards were issued during the event as well as a special presentation of Life Membership given to Cliff Rowe, who stepped down as Chairman after serving for 25 years.  Photos of the event are viewable within our Photo Gallery.

MCC Prize Presentation 2016 - Cake MCC Prize Presentation 2016 - Prize Display MCC Prize Presentation (Feb 2016) - Club Offials and Founder Members