Hill Climb P.B Times

Here you will find the Personal Best Times for Members of Middleton Cycling Club who have competed in the Club Hill Climb. The times and dates shown are from the Official Middleton Cycling Club Hill Climb Championships which took place from 2001 onwards. The results were last updated on November 30th 2015.


Hill Climb Championship Personal Best Times

1stSimon Brierley7:442010
2ndPaul Jibson7:512011
3rdTristan Pilling7:582015
4thBill Sutcliffe7:592003
5thPaul Rowan8:312014
6thSteve Penny8:532001
7thRob Martini9:262015
8thMark Bardsley9:272015
9thChris Horton9:392014
10thMark Ashley9:442001
11thJohn Pessagno9:532011
12thBrendan Fairbrother9:542011
13thRod Lester10:032014
14thPeter Robinson10:042009
15thMike Smith10:132001
16thHayden Hill10:262012
17thAlan Vickers10:392003
18thCliff Rowe10:402001
19thNico Martini10:472014
20thJohn Hart10:532003
21stTony Martin11:002005
22ndBill Penny11:232001
23rdJohn Hart11:312003
24thSteve Foley11:502014
25thJanet Crossley12:072007
26thSteve Crossley12:382007
27thWayne Hair13:042015
28thWin Rowe13:252011
29thPaul O'Neill14:232012
30thStan Allcock15:122002