Time Trial Details (Tristan Pilling) 2016-17

As you are probably aware Club Member Tristan Pilling Entered 10-mile and 25-mile Time Trials during the 2016/17 seasons. He is Now the Club’s Fastest Time Trial Rider for 10-mile and 25-miles.


His Achievements are as follows:

10-Mile Time Trials (2017)

  • 27/8/17 = 20:20
  • 12/8/17 = 20:30
  • 14/16/17 = 20:34

10-Mile Time Trials (2016)

  • 17/9/16 = 21:24
  • 7/6/16 = 22:02
  • 29/6/16 = 22:12

25-Mile Time Trials (2017)

  • 5/8/17 = 54:06
  • 20/5/17 = 54:24

25-Mile Time Trials (2016)

  • 16/7/16 = 59:50
  • 9/2/16 = 1:01.50
  • 25/6/16 = 1:05.24

AGM 2018

The 2018 AGM will be taking place on Thursday November 22nd at 8pm in the Club Room. Club Secretary Dave Charlesworth has issued the relevant documentation. Can ALL members who are attending the AGM please bring a copy of the Agenda and the Minutes of the last AGM which Dave sent out. Also can you advise Dave if you have or have NOT raced this year. If you have raced then please complete a Racing Result Form, if Not then please advise him in writing so the Racing Committee can keep their records up to date.


Also don’t forget to complete the voting forms for the Club Officers/Officials and for the Ged Dowling Award.

Hill Climb Championship – 2018

Hello, the 2018 Hill Climb Championship took place on Sunday October 28th.

Nine members took part including 3 female members, 5 members set NEW Personal Best Times and in the Men’s event there were Joint winners with two members attaining a time of 9:47. Well done to all those who took part and thanks to those who attended the event.

Hill Climb Championship - 2018

1Dave Charlesworth9:47Joint Fastest Male
1Tom Wright9:47Joint Fastest Male
PB Time
2Tony Wardleworth10:15PB Time
3Wayne Hair11:22
4Steve Foley12:29
5Dave Walsh13:35PB Time
6Jeanette Prophet14:19Fastest Female
PB Time
7Caroline Mostenski14:57
8Sylvia Parsons16:33PB Time