We arrange Club rides throughout the month, with our regular ride arranged on Sundays.  The Sunday ride varies each week; sometimes a flat ride is arranged that will be completed at a faster pace and other weeks a hillier route will be chosen and this will likely be completed at a slower pace.  Rides vary in distance, but are generally 40 – 70 miles long.  We occasionally organise longer rides though and these can be up to and sometimes in excess of 100 miles.  You can see examples of a few of the routes we ride and ride reviews, by clicking on the Ride Reviews tab.  In addition to the regular Sunday ride, members often provide details of a ride they intend to complete on other days, with an invitation for others to join in.  Details for any ride we are running, including the date, time and meeting place, are posted on our Strava Discussion page.  https://www.strava.com/clubs/24821/discussion (You’ll need a Strava account to see this).  Further information can also be found on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/789843921036966/    


In addition to the main Club rides, we also organise a ride for those new to cycling called the Easy Rider.  Pace for this ride is slower, typically 10 – 12mph and distances are shorter, usually around 20 – 30 miles.  These rides are organised twice monthly on Sundays and the date and meeting details can be found on the Strava Discussion page detailed above. 


Particularly during the summer, as the nights are lighter, we often have a ride out on Wednesday evenings.  Meet up is 6.45pm at Middleton Arena.  We generally cover about 20 -25 miles at a medium pace.  As with the other rides, confirmation that we’re going out will be posted on the Strava Discussion page.

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